Baths & Scrubs

Lazy Days Detox Seaweed Bath 

Submerge your body into a bath of organic, hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed to remove unwanted toxins and alleviate aches & pains. This bathing ritual is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments. Deeply moisturising and proven to increase circulation and promote healing.

Duration: 45 min €55.00

 Organic Seaweed Aroma Bath Salts Therapy

A relaxing bath soak with a blend of VOYA organic essential oils, organic lemon, lime, clove, basil, mandarin and patchouli, combined with bath salts. This is a wonderful aromatic bath that can be used prior to further VOYA treatments.

Duration: 45 min €55.00


Organic Lavender hydrating scrub

A wonderful fragrant mix of lavender oil, seaweed and sugar. This treatment has a double action of gently removing dead skin cells with sugar and healing with seaweed extracts and lavender essential oil.

Duration 60 min €70.00


Organic Peppermint & Seaweed Scrub

This refreshing and all-over exfoliation treatment awakens the skin and body. It features a beautiful mix of organic peppermint leaf, seaweed and sugar, all of which perform the double action of gently removing dead skin cells while introducing you to the uplifting effects of our peppermint essential oil.

Duration 60 min €70.00


Brown Sugar Scrub

A blend of sweet almond and essential oils to gently exfoliate the skin. This popular treatment will leave the skin feeling refined, softer and silky smooth.

Duration 30 min €40.00

 Organic Warm Spiced Mud Wrap

This treatment uses fresh seaweed taken from the ocean and its purfiying elements are encapsulated in the wrap. The extract is rich in potent anti-oxidants and minerals. Definitely for the results-concious client, this wrap had immediate and noticeable effects on the skin, including firming and toning. This treatment is also a serious detoxifier, metabolism stimulator and a natural anti-ageing boost. Infused with aromatic spices of ginger and orange to revive the senses. 

Duration 60 min €75.00


 Organic Tangle Me up Body Wrap

This wraphydrates and relaxes tired and lethargic muscles, and relieves stress and fatigue. It also tones and firms the skin and helps against the signs of ageing and cellulite. It's anti-oxidant compounds help to protect against cell damage from the environment and pollution. This treatment includes full body brushing to increase circulation and to aid penetration of the potent seaweed gel. 

Duration 60 min €75.00


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