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Craft Food

At Great National Abbey Court Hotel & Spa


[kraft, krahft] noun: an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, training, talent & dexterity.
The idea of CRAFT is to showcase the efforts of people who really care and are passionate about food in all its different forms.
This includes farmers, artisan producers, craft butchers, cheese makers, bakers and distillers and brewers. The fishermen, hunters and gatherers. The hotel’s suppliers are also an important link in the chain and finally, the chefs that put these ingredients into dishes and make them delicious.

As chefs in Ireland we are blessed with world class, bountiful, well grown, wonderful ingredients. The official classification for the climate of Ireland is temperate maritime, a designation that covers less than 1/60th of the planets surface. It allows growth of a plethora of ingredients, many of them yearround, but also gives seasonal variances. We look forward to each seasonwith anticipation in the kitchen; the first strawberries, the first new potatoes and so on.

Set out for you in this menu is the idea of choosing ‘mood food.’ by that I mean: what are you in the mood for? Sometimes 2 starters and a great piece of fish, sometimes a big steak with all the trimmings, another time it’s a shared platter over a glass of wine
after a hard day at the office… and some times, skip everything else and just go straight for the desserts.
’Mood food’ can alsobe that conversation you have on your way to a restaurant where you say, “
I don’t care what else is on the menu tonight I want the duck/steak/prawns/… get the idea.
We firmly believe that the starter, main course, dessert option of yesteryear is not really a good plan anymore
given things like time constraints, people’s awareness of heathy eating and, not least, what’s affordable.

Finally a word on the industry buzz words of sustainability, farm to table, responsible sourcing etc. Where possible we use products
that are from the island of Ireland, actually we’ve started growing quite a lot in our own kitchen garden, in fact, almost all dishes will
feature at least one ingredient from very close by. I’m sure you’d agree that most of the time that makes perfect economic sense anyway. However, we live in an age of globalization, rapid, efficient, refrigerated transportation and customer expectations
that transcend what is grown in the fields next to the individual hotel or restaurant.
At the end of the day, let’s face it, it’s really hard to grow pineapples & passion fruit in Kerry in December!

In order to bring you the freshest dining experience we only make small batches of each dish.
With this in mind you may find that individual dishes have sold out when you come to order them.
Heh! When it’s gone ……its gone!!

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