At the Abbey Court Hotel & Leisure Centre, our commitment is to minimise waste production and energy use, all while improving comfort, service, safety, and productivity. 

We aim to implement the finest global practices wherever feasible. Reconising our duty to prodect the environment for the well-being of future generations, we are dedicated to playing a key role in its preservation and improvement.

Our Aims 

  • To reduce the consumption of energy, water and materials throughtout the Hotel.
  • Reducing waste and implementing practices to reuse & recycle resources consumed by our business whenever possible.
  • To minimize our pollution. 
  • To collaborate with suppliers and contractors to enhance our environmental impact. 
  • Providing all staff with the necessary training & resources to achieve our goals. 
  • To transparently share our policies and practices with employess, contractors & customers.

Our Sustainability Journey So Far

We aim to monitor & assess our performance against targets annually to facilitate ongoing enhancements.Our journey towards sustainability has been marked by significant milestones that reflect our commitment to creating a greener and more eco-friendly environment. By integrating advanced and thoughtful practices into our operations, we aim to lead by example in the hospitality industry. Here's a look at the strides we've made so far:


electric car charger

Electric Car Charging Point

We have installed electric car charging point, underscoring our dedication to promoting sustainable transportation solutions. This initiative not only caters to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure but also ensures that we are part of the movement towards reducing carbon emissions. 

aiming to achieve carbon neutrality

Aiming to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Our goal to achieve carbon neutrality is at the heart of our sustainability efforts. By meticulously calculating our carbon emissions and implementing strategies to reduce them, we are on a clear path to becoming a carbon-neutral establishment. This involves a holistic approach, from the energy we use and the waste we produce to the materials we choose. Our commitment to this goal reflects our awareness of the global impact of climate change and our responsibility to mitigate it.

utilising water

Utilising Water from an Onsite Well Throughout the Hotel and Implementing Double Water Filtration

In our pursuit of sustainability, we have invested in sourcing water from an onsite well, significantly reducing our reliance on municipal water supplies and minimizing our environmental impact. The water undergoes a double filtration process to ensure its purity and safety for hotel use, exemplifying our commitment to not only environmental sustainability but also to the health and safety of our guests and staff.

currently segregating all waste and recyclables

Currently Segregating All Waste and Recyclables

Recognizing the importance of waste management in environmental conservation, we have implemented a comprehensive waste segregation system. By separating all waste and recyclables, we are able to efficiently recycle materials, reduce landfill waste, and minimize our ecological footprint. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to responsible waste management practices.

using compostable materials throughout the hotel

Using Compostable Materials Throughout the Hotel

In an effort to further reduce our environmental impact, we have transitioned to using compostable materials throughout the hotel. From packaging to tableware, our choice of compostable materials significantly lowers our waste production and contributes to a more sustainable operational model. This decision aligns with our broader commitment to reducing single-use plastics and promoting eco-friendly alternatives.

50 shades greener

Planning Future Investment in an External Green Organisation, 50 Shades Greener

Looking ahead, we are planning to invest in the external green organization, 50 Shades Greener. This investment will not only support the valuable work being done in the field of environmental sustainability but also allow us to actively contribute to global green initiatives. It reflects our belief in the power of collective action and our commitment to supporting efforts that aim to protect and preserve our planet.


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